How to launch your eCommerce business with Minimum cost or 0 ?


Have you ever thought of starting your business through the internet? You may have heard the word ‘e-commerce’ before but you may think the process of making an eCommerce store is hard and costly. Can you believe me if I say you can initiate your eCommerce store with the least expensive cost? YES, you read correctly.

So today we are going to tell you all you should know about eCommerce & the cheapest possible way to start an eCommerce site.

What is this e-Commerce business?

ECommerce, also known as electronic commerce, refers to any type of exchange of currency for goods or services over the Internet. Simply means, people can buy or sell their products after creating an online platform.

ECommerce business people can sell their products under 4 categories. So first you should decide what kind of product you are going to sell among the below categories.

  1. Digital Products
  2. Physical Products
  3. Affiliates
  4. Services

Why do you need to start your e-Commerce business?

Are you someone who is hoping to start your business or already having a business company but don’t have an eCommerce store? Then you should probably start making your eCommerce store because that will generate more sales to your business & as a customer that’s the easiest way of purchasing products.

Here are some top reasons to start an eCommerce business today.

  • Worldwide, eCommerce business is expected to grow day by day. So you can become a success if you start your eCommerce store in the correct way.
  • You can start-up your eCommerce for affordable cost & minimal equipment requirements.
  •  You will never have to get laid off.
  • You can be independent since you are your own boss and you can sell products that you are passionate about.
  • You can earn even when you are sleeping because all the buying & selling happening over the internet.
  • Researches have shown that, 80% percent of web users are purchasing goods online.

What you will need to start an E Commerce Store?

If you have a computer & an internet connection, then you can get a start within a matter of minutes and at a low cost.

There are main 4 objects that you need to start an eCommerce store.

  1. Domain name: 

You need to purchase a name which will be the name of your website/URL. There are several websites that you can buy a domain for a cheap cost. Normally that will cost, between $0.99-$15 per year.

  • Web hosting:

Hosting is the way of connecting your eCommerce store to the internet. So you need to pay and get hosting from your hosting provider. Unless your website can’t be visited others.

  • SSL Certificate:

SSL Certificate simply gives the security to your website. Normally we make an eCommerce store to sell our products. So to ensure the security of credit card transactions, data transfer and logins you should install the SSL Certificate into the webserver.

  • eCommerce platform:

These platforms are known as ‘eCommerce website builders’ which is also an online software. With the help of an eCommerce platform, you can create an eCommerce store easily.

How to Choose the Best eCommerce Platform with Minimum cost?

As you know eCommerce platforms let you build your very own eCommerce store, without any coding knowledge or advanced tech skills.

Among lots of free online store platforms, these are the best low cost 3 platforms that we recommend to use. You can check and choose one among these platforms which match your needs.

  • WordPress:

We can mention the word ‘best & cheapest’ if you use the WordPress platform for building your eCommerce store.  More than 42% of eCommerce websites are run based on WordPress.

WordPress is an open-source platform which not only free but also suits 100% for your needs. You can use the ‘WooCommerce’ plugin for free, to get all the online store functionality that you need.

  • Shopify:

Shopify platform will help you to build your eCommerce store easy and quick which is highly recommended for beginner developers.

You can start with 14 days free trial for test things out & then you can choose one of the Shopify Plan which suits your needs. After buying one of Shopify Plan’s you will get not only free themes, but also you receive a domain name and hosting.

  • BigCartel:

BigCartel platform is ideal for eCommerce business with Not Many Products. So if you are hoping to run an eCommerce store with 1-5 products, BigCartel offers a plan completely free. Or else you can upgrade your BigCartel account into higher plans which cost little more.

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